Zo behandel je een droge huid winter, 5 adviezen

This is how you treat dry skin in winter, 5 tips

Jan 05, 2022Lieve op den Buijsch

In the blog 'Because of this you suffer from dry skin in winter' we explained to you why the winter season can make your skin dry, itchy and even irritated. In this blog we give you 5 tips that can help reduce that dry feeling and give your skin a little extra support.

Tip 1: Clean carefully

When you cleanse your skin, avoid cleansing products with perfume or fragrance. Or cleaners that turn into 'soft' foam when you wash your face. These ingredients (perfume and foam, often called SLES on the packaging) can dry out and irritate your skin. Plus, you can build up an allergy to harmful ingredients that will stay with you for a lifetime. Our favorite safe cleanser is this one from Squalan

In addition to scrutinizing your cleanser, you may want to take a look at the ingredient list of your other skincare products. Click here for a guide where we help you with this.

Tip 2: Give your dry skin a little extra in winter

Using a nourishing moisturizer (our favorite day cream is this one from Squalan) that suits your skin makes sense. But the cold temperatures and low humidity make it harder for your dry skin to retain the moisture it needs in winter. That's why it may need that little bit extra. Try our Mini Set: a small variant of our Face Care line to help restore the natural protective layer of the entire face. bring our Face Balm In the evening on clean skin, apply a very small amount Eye Balm around the eyes, and finish the mini routine with some intense nourishing Lip Balm† Let the balms work their magic overnight and wake up with soft, nourished skin.

droge huid winter

Tip 3: Give your whole body some love

Especially after a hot shower (which dries out your skin even more), your skin could use some extra nourishment. Bring a tasty Body Balm of oil while your skin is still damp. It really helps your skin to restore moisture levels.

Tip 4: Increase the humidity in the house

The heating in your house makes the air drier. To help increase the humidity, you can place small evaporators behind the heating. Make sure to change the water every few days. If you have a bit more budget, you can also look at a humidifier. They are available in different price ranges. Your skin gives off even more moisture to dry air, and that while your skin desperately needs that little bit of moisture in the winter.

Tip 5: Remember the sun...

It's sometimes hard to imagine in colder months, but the sun shines every day. Although we don't always feel the sun's rays, UV radiation is always there. You can use an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) product to protect your skin. Read our blog about sunscreen products if you would like some additional information or guidance on these products.

The most important thing is to listen to your own body and skin and give it what it asks for. The skin is like a small ecosystem of its own that repairs and protects itself. You can support this process when necessary with the right products that do not damage the skin but protect it. If you have any questions, you can always contact us send a message on Instagram or a to send an email.

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