skincare tips

Balanceer je hormonen, leven en huid

Balance your hormones, life and skin

Hormones influence a big part of our health, energy, and mood. We will give you a bit more insight into this subject together with some tips. To help you support your hormone balance and with that ...
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Hormonen en ons dagelijks leven.

Hormones and our everyday life.

Hormones have a major effect on many changes in our body, and therefore also on our largest organ, our skin. We're talking about two topics: birth control hormones, and the effects of hormones on y...
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Geen water in skincare gevoelige huid

This is why our balms are 100% anhydrous

Our balms are super suitable for even the most sensitive skin. To create such a nourishing product, Sara has carefully collected all the active ingredients that form the basis of our intensely nour...
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