De 5 beste duurzaamheidscertificeringen om te voorkomen dat u in de val van greenwashing trapt.

The 5 best sustainability certifications to prevent you from falling into the trap of greenwashing.

Jun 13, 2022Joëlle Lochtman

Greenwashing is a common marketing trick that misleads you as a customer. Brands use it to present themselves with a greener, more sustainable image that doesn’t match their reality. Sustainability certifications are therefore super helpful. They tell you which brands operate in an eco-friendly, safe and sustainable way. We’ll give you our 5 favourite sustainability certifications that help you choose wisely.

Allergy Certified

This international quality mark tests products on allergie and excludes that products contain any sorts of impurities, carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals. Sara Rosalie and AiiA Care are proudly Allergy Certified and therefore safe to use for even the most sensitive skin on your face or body.

Ecocert Cosmos 

Ecocert Cosmos is a European standard for natural cosmetics. Cosmetics with this quality mark are produced in an environmentally friendly way. At least 95% of the vegetable ingredients must be of organic origin. Thereby Ecocert has strict guidelines on negative ingredients that are usually found in cosmetics, like parabens, perfumes, synthetic colorants, and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Microplastics are banned and the packaging must be recyclable. AiiA Care is Ecocert COSMOS certified.

Cruelty free bunny (Leaping Bunny Program)  

To be sure that your product is 100% free of animal testing cruelty-free bunny is your helping hand. This program goes beyond current laws to prevent companies from using certain legislative loopholes. To carry this beautiful mark neither the brand nor any of its suppliers or manufacturer may conduct or be part of animal tests.

Certified B corporation 

This worldwide movement measures companies in their social and environmental impact. In order to receive a B Corp certification a company must pass different assessments based on environmental and social requirements. Secondly they must collaborate with B Corp to give total transparency about their operations and justify their sustainable and social changes, pre-arranged with B Corp.


GOTS stands for The Global Organic Textile Standards. This worldwide label set the standard for organic fibers and social and ecological criteria through different textile processes. Any garment carrying the GOTS label must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibers.

See their pages to receive more information about brands and products carrying their beautiful labels and marks. 

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