Balanceer je hormonen, leven en huid

Balance your hormones, life and skin

Jun 02, 2022Joëlle Lochtman

Hormones influence a big part of our health, energy, and mood. We will give you a bit more insight into this subject together with some tips. To help you support your hormone balance and with that your skin.

Eat your veggies and fruits

A dull skin tone, lifeless hair, and brittle nails, can result from a lack of nutrients in your food over a period of time. Because your body prioritizes vital organs above everything else, it will give its nutrients it receives to these organs. There is not enough to send to the outer parts of your body. 

Secondly, it is important to know that our nutrition is so much more than just fuel to get us through a day. Healthy products are like little messengers that tell our body to make certain hormones and cells that benefit our wellbeing. Another tip: buy as little plastic and canned food as possible. Hormone disrupting substances can be found in these sorts of packaging.

You don't have to do it all 

The hormone cortisol is called our stress hormone. It is produced whenever we find ourselves in a situation of nerves and tension. Nowadays stress is something we experience mentally; we don’t need to fight or flight anymore. Because we don’t act physically on our stress, our body accumulates extra cortisol. A permanent surplus in cortisol can affect your body in various ways. Skin will get thinner and bruising will appear more frequently. 

We know, it is easier said than done, the best way to lower your stress level is by trying to create more calmness and structure during your days. Enough sleep is super important to lower your cortisol level. Other things that we find helpful: more cuddling with your dog, frequently going outside, not always saying yes and creating time in your agenda for yourself, or maybe some yoga and breathing exercises.  

Read the ingredients list 

The products we use for our skin can easily contain hormone disrupting substances. These are chemicals that our body doesn't recognise, they can have negative effects on our health. It is difficult to avoid these substances, they can be found in a lot of products. What you can do is check the ingredient list on plasticizers and parabens.

To be certain that you only use safe products, Allergy Certified can be a helpful tool. This international quality mark tests products on allergies and excludes those products containing hormone-disrupting substances. Sara Rosalie is proudly Allergy Certified and therefore safe to use for your body, health, and even the most sensitive skin. 

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