Know that you always like us mail or leave a message on Instagram to ask a question related to your skin, your skincare routine, our products or anything else. Here are a few questions that we are regularly asked, perhaps you have already been helped on your way.

I have very sensitive skin (with eczema/psoriasis/rosacea/acne/skin allergy). Can I use these products?

All the products we create and curate from other brands we love are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin and for pregnant women and children. Every product carries it Allergy Certified quality mark which means that every ingredient has been examined by a toxicologist and the risk of skin irritation is minimized. In addition, all products are perfume-free and they are full of beautiful ingredients of natural origin.

I have somewhat oily skin. Are the balms suitable for me?

If you have oily skin, it can feel counterintuitive to apply balms, because they are naturally more oily. However, oily skin can also benefit greatly from good, intense care. Where dry skin may need to Face, Eye en Lip Balm every evening (and morning), you can also use them with oily skin for several days or weeks in a row as a kind of recovery treatment when your skin needs a little extra. We also have a tip to use the balms in the morning as well, see the question below for that.

Can I also use the Face Balm in the morning?

Balms naturally feel a bit more oily, so if your skin is already a bit oily but you still like the Face Balm If you would like to use in the morning, we recommend adding a small amount of the Face Balm to your day cream. If your skin is dry, it can be a good idea (especially in winter) to also use the Face Balm in the morning, as a kind of recovery treatment† Prefer to use a lighter product in the morning? Choose Sara's Favorite daily moisturiser van Squalan.

I see a kind of white flakes in my balm, is this right?

By combining natural butters, waxes and oils, we want to give your skin the best. But this combination can also cause crystals to form at temperature differences. A sign of the 100% natural ingredients and limited use of conservation. These crystals, they resemble a grain of salt, do not affect the effect or quality of the balm. If you rub them warm between your fingertips, they will melt again. So you can just use your balm!

How long can I do with your balms?

Of course it depends on how often you use the balms, but based on daily use you will do about 4-5 months with the Face Balm, 5-6 months with the Eye Balm, 5-6 months with the Lip Balm, 4 months with the Body Balm, 5-6 months with the Baby Balm, 5-6 months with the Boob Balm and 12 months with the Tinted Balms.


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