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About Sara Rosalie


I grew up on a sheep farm on Texel and now live in Amsterdam. In my search for the perfect skincare I came across my roots again. I want Sara Rosalie products to convey the feeling of Texel: they should embrace you, be natural, give your skin peace of mind and a feeling of freedom. 


During my son's pregnancy, I noticed how hormones (and time) affect your skin. I had even more need for completely natural but also safe skin care that works (wrinkle check, dry skin check). That is why we have been working with the Scandinavian quality mark Allergy Certified. This quality mark guarantees that the products cannot cause allergies and that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Also for pregnant women and babies. 


What Texel and motherhood also gave me: a sense of responsibility for the environment and the earth. That is why we make every choice as sustainable as possible. You read there here more about.

I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I enjoyed developing them.

Love, Sara

PS. The video above was made in 2017 on Texel in my parents' house, just pregnant with my son. So special for me (also because I absolutely don't like to see myself on screen;)).