Sara Rosalie focuses on creating modern beauty classics. We believe in the natural functioning of the skin, which you can support with a small selection of safe, allergen-free products.

Our intensely nourishing products meet high standards: 100% ingredients of natural origin, Ecocert Approved, hypoallergenic according to the Allergy Certified label and safe for even the most sensitive skin, pregnant women and babies. In addition, the products are locally produced, packaged as sustainably as possible and they are cruelty free.



"During my son's pregnancy I noticed the effect of hormones (and time) on your skin. I needed even more completely natural but also safe skin care that works (wrinkles check, dry skin check). That's why, since 2019, we work together with the Scandinavian quality mark Allergy Certified. This quality mark minimizes the risk of a product causing an allergic reaction and that all products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Also for pregnant women and babies.

What growing up on Texel (where I learned the true value of the skincare- skincare magical potion lanolin) and motherhood has also given me: the sense of responsibility for the environment and the earth. At Sara Rosalie, we don't do anything without thinking about the impact it has on people, animals and the environment. It's one of the main reasons we don't continuously launch new products like other brands do. I first want to make sure that there isn't already a good alternative from another brand. That is why we also like to work with brands (such as Squalan, click here for our favourites) before we create anything ourselves.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you, as a consumer, to make the best choices for your skin and the environment. I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I did developing them."

Love, Sara

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