7 stappen naar een gezonde huid met ons huidverbeteringsplan

7 steps to healthy skin with our skin improvement plan

Jun 22, 2022Joëlle Lochtman

Spotting Patterns

Take a closer look at your skin for a few weeks. Make notes on which days impurities occur or decrease. You may be able to link impurities to your diet or menstrual cycle. For example, your skin can react to lactose and sugar. Do you often eat dairy? Then try cutting it out for a month.

Chinese face mapping 

According to Chinese medicine, the areas of your skin where impurities develop, can tell you something about your overall health.

Your forehead is connected to the digestive system and your nervous system. Stress and too much sugar in your diet can result in pimples on your forehead.

The cheeks are connected to your lungs, think of people who smoke or hygienic factors such as your phone by your ear or your pillowcase.

The chin and mouth are your hormonal zones and are linked to your stomach and intestines. With periods or little fiber and unhealthy food, impurities arise.

Your nose is in line with your heart, think of blood pressure or figuratively: time to open your heart and let go of emotions.

The area between your eyebrows are connected to your liver, impurities in this place are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lastly, your temples, which represent your kidneys and bladder. A shortage of water can cause breakouts around your temples, so stay hydrated during the day. 

Cleansing do’s and don'ts 

Many cleansing products contain harsh ingredients that make your skin feel extremely clean, but actually have a negative impact. Opt for a mild cleanser or if you don't wear much makeup, try to clean with water.


Time to get nerdy 

Read the ingredients list of your skin care products.[TAG BLOG] Avoid perfumes and fragrances and don't be too easily convinced by marketing slogans on different packaging. "Dermatologically tested" suggests it's a safe product, but it doesn't say much without the corresponding results.

Everyone has a routine 

There are three categories in a skincare routine that you can adjust based on your skin needs:

  • A mild cleansing with water or a cleanser.
  • Something to nourish your skin. Think of a moisturizer or a nourishing balm.
  • An addition to areas that need more attention. For example, an exfoliator for oily areas, or a nourishing balm for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Our philosophy

The steps you take in this skin improvement plan are at the heart of our philosophy. Our products give you that little bit extra, every day; the balms nourish you and ensure a calm and loving skin. They also reinforce all the work you've already done for healthy skin.

Yes really: you are beautiful 

There is no such thing as perfect skin and you never know what skin story someone else has, no matter how beautiful their Instagram account looks.

Try to mentally change your perspective (big or small) and accept your skin. The condition of your skin should not distract you from the really important things in life. Warmth, safety, trust and love.

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