Moderne beauty klassiekers voor iedereen

Modern beauty classics for everyone

Jul 04, 2022Joëlle Lochtman

Luckily diversity and inclusivity in the skincare world became of greater value the last couple of years, but we are certainly not there yet. Sara tells you about her philosophy and behind Sara Rosalie and why she created her skin and beauty care products, and shows how every skin glows with her tinted balms.


Sara Rosalie creates her products for everyone, and every skin color. When it comes to makeup, finding the right shade for your skin tone can be quite challenging. When creating the tinted balms, Sara had two musts in mind: just like the skincare balms, the balms must be extremely nourishing for your skin, which is why we refer to the tinted balms as beauty care and not to the term makeup. In addition, the balms had to be for every skin type and skin color.

We believe that the shades Sol, Terra and Maan are the perfect beauty care products for creating an effortless look. Whether you have sensitive skin, a darker or olive skin tone, suffer from acne or eczema, Sara Rosalie's beauty care doesn't hide the skin, but lets it shine.

Tinted Balms

The tinted balms can be used in different ways, which makes them even more enjoyable and easier to use. You no longer have to buy different jars or brushes, you have a bronzer, highlighter, blush,lip gloss and eyeshadow all together in three lovely balms.

Sol: a powerful natural tone gives a rich glow and sunkissed look
Terra: loveable lips and a romantic blush for everyone
Maan: shine like a star with our Maan shade on your cheeks and eyelids

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