Cadeau ideeën voor de decembermaand

Gifting season is almost here

Nov 02, 2022Sara Rosalie

It's almost December and that means the holidays are around the corner. Gifts, wish lists, Sinterklaas, Christmas, you name it. Exciting and cozy days are ahead, but we all know it can also be quite stressful at times. We always try to look for the perfect gift that really benefits someone else’s life. Let’s be honest, we can all use some gift inspiration. So read along, because we will give you some great gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season!

Face Care Mini Set

Our skin can use some extra nourishment and hydration during these colder months. With this set, you give your partner, mother, sister, or friend a great gift of self-care. The Face Care Mini Set is made from 100% ingredients of natural origin and consists of a Face, Eye, and Lip Balm. Our intensely nourishing balms repair, soften and soothe the skin and are suitable for even the most sensitive ones.

Motherhood Set

Do you know a mother or mom-to-be and do you want to give a gift that she can enjoy for a longer period? Then our Motherhood Set is a great choice. It is specially developed for pregnant women, babies, and nursing mothers. This set consists of a nurturing Baby Balm, Boob Balm, and Belly Balm, made from 100% ingredients of natural origin. Of course, you can also give one of our full-size balms.

Tinted Balm Set

Want to create that glowy and natural look in a blink of an eye? With our Tinted Balms Set it’s possible and super easy! All balms are suitable for every skin type and thanks to its main ingredient Buhle Manketti oil, the natural function of the skin barrier is stimulated at the same time. A set consists of three sparkling, natural shades: Terra, Sol, and Maan. Apply the balms where you want to add some extra colour, such as your lips, cheeks, eyelids, and cheekbones. Tip: use our Maan Balm to add some sparkle and shine to your make-up look during the holidays.

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