Hierdoor heb je last van een droge huid winter

Because of this you suffer from dry skin in winter

Jan 05, 2022Lieve op den Buijsch

We all know that cycling through the city with the cold, icy wind in your face is not the best feeling. But: it does give you that real outdoor feeling. In the winter, many of us feel that our skin is drier, more irritated, and more itchy. Why do we feel these things especially in this season? We explain it to you.

It's in the air (literally)

Besides Christmas, mountains with food and frozen car windows, the winter months also bring cold temperatures and low humidity. Cold air contains little moisture and when our skin is exposed to it, two things happen. First, it slows the production of sebum. That's a good thing, you might think. Sebum can feel greasy on the skin, especially around the t-zone. But sebum is mainly the defense and protection layer of your skin. In addition, it helps to maintain the moisture level of your skin, so your skin definitely needs it, especially in these months.

The second thing that happens when your skin is exposed to cold air: your skin releases its moisture (water) into the air. This will lower the moisture content of your skin.
The skin has a harder time retaining the moisture it needs. This makes your skin more vulnerable to external influences. All of this can lead to a dry, itchy and irritated feeling.

Turn the heating up a notch

Just like the air outside, the air in your home can affect your skin. We all know it: coming home after a cold day and turning on the heating. It feels reassuring, but this heated air is not so comfortable for your skin.

When cold air is heated, such as by the heating in your house, the humidity drops. This means that the air is even drier than the outside air. The dry air makes your skin lose its moisture. This process can make your skin itchy and irritated.

Hot shower? Not good for dry skin in winter

The same principle applies to hot showers. We know hot showers are wonderful, but unfortunately your skin won't agree. The heat causes the blood vessels to expand and your skin loses some moisture.

Let's wrap it up

Sometimes the facts are cold and hard: Low humidity, the cold temperatures, the heating in your house and your lovely hot shower can all contribute to the dry feeling of your skin. But don't worry, our skin can adapt to different environments. And if it does need that little bit extra, help it restore its natural protective layer with safe, nourishing products.

Try our Mini Set: a small version of our Face Care line to help protect the entire face. In the evening, apply our Face Balm to clean skin, apply a tiny amount of Eye Balm around the eyes, and finish the mini routine with some intensely nourishing Lip Balm. Let the balms work their magic overnight and wake up with soft, nourished skin.

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