Tips voor een gevoelige huid tijdens je zwangerschap en bij je baby

Tips for sensitive skin during pregnancy and with your baby

Nov 02, 2021Lieve op den Buijsch

Sara created our latest Mom & Baby Care expresses the need for safe products for mother and baby. Your baby's skin doesn't need much, but if you use something you don't want to worry about the safety of the product you use.

"Pregnant with my children I felt very strongly that I wanted to offer them safety, and that feeling becomes stronger every day when it is born. You provide protection from the outside world, first when you carry your baby warm and safe in your belly and then with your arms around your baby."

How does the skin work

The skin actually does the same, for you but also for your baby. Its primary job is to protect your body from harmful external influences, from chemicals in your clothing to the effects of the weather. All the more important to you skin during your pregnancy to give it what it needs: room to grow.

Sensitive baby skin

When your baby is born you will feel how soft her or his skin is. And how good she or he smells. Did you know that that soft skin is because your baby has not yet built up a layer of dead skin cells? This outer layer is the real protective layer. And because your baby doesn't have it yet, she or he is all the more vulnerable to harmful substances. The tip to wash new baby clothes before wearing is there for a reason.

baby soft skin

So be careful with your baby's soft skin. Every time it comes into contact with perfume, for example, the immune system kicks in. Perfume (essential oils are also perfume) is in many baby products, from natural baby oil to baby shampoo. And this can affect your baby's skin. 

Baby Balm

That's why we developed the Baby Balm. Without perfume and other harmful substances. One hundred percent natural and hypo-allergenic. Only apply if necessary, leave the baby's skin alone. Your baby smells wonderful the way she or he was born, you don't need perfume for that.

Mom & Baby Care

Our safe and soothing Motherhood Set, consisting of a Baby Balm, Boob Balm and Body Balm, is for you and your baby's sensitive skin. You protect your baby - first in your body and then in your arms - just as your natural skin barrier protects you.

Our Mom & Baby balms support that. These fragrance-free balms nourish you and your little one with a base of upcycled wild blueberry seed oil and other wonderful, naturally sourced ingredients.

All balms are Allergy Certified, can be used safely during and after pregnancy and are perfect for the sensitive skin of your baby and breastfeeding women.

  • Baby Balm spreads wonderfully easily due to the incredibly soft texture. This balm supports your baby's sensitive skin with the most caring and safe ingredients such as squalane, lanolin and apricot kernel oil.
  • Boob Balm is safe to use for nursing mothers and soothes the skin on and around your nipples. Apply immediately after breastfeeding to help your skin regenerate with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, lanolin and shea butter.
  • Body Balm invites you to take a moment to support your changing body. This balm is 100% vegan and helps restore your skin barrier with a base of wild blueberry seed oil and apricot kernel oil.
  • Motherhood Set consists of a mini version of all three Mom & Baby balms to enrich skin-to-skin contact with your baby in a deeply nourishing way. It's the perfect gift for any mom (to be) in your life.

Allergy Certified - cruelty-free - 0% perfume - 100% ingredients of natural origin - locally sourced

mom baby balms

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