Alles over aftersun: zo behandel je je huid bij verbranding

Everything about aftersun: this is how you treat your skin when burned

Jul 14, 2021Lieve op den Buijsch

Open door: to protect is better than to cure. However, it can happen that you are suddenly burned faster than you expected. Although your skin mainly needs rest and shade, you can also help your skin to recover. Is aftersun suitable for that? And what could you use as an alternative to after-sun?

When your skin is burned by the sun, free radicals can arise that damage and 'age' your skin. First things first, do not sit in the sun when burned. Go inside or - if you don't have shelter nearby - at least find the shade. Everything to help your skin restore its own barrier to protect your skin. 

Does after sun work?

Products can also help you restore the natural skin barrier, provided they consist of safe and healthy ingredients. For example, menthol or a high concentration of alcohol is often added to aftersun because it feels cooling, while those ingredients can actually be very irritating and do not help your skin to recover. After-sun also almost always contains perfume or fragrance, which is also not conducive to the recovery of the (burnt) skin and what you would rather avoid.

Alternative to after sun

What you do want for your burned skin: repair, nourish and moisturize. You want to apply a safe product that supports the natural skin barrier and nourishes and moisturises your skin intensely. Cue the Face Balm† Our Face Balm is an intensely moisturizing balm based on 100% natural ingredients. 

The basis of the Face Balm is rice germ oil† This natural ingredient is very suitable for sensitive and aging skin due to its regenerative and nourishing capacity. This balm also contains lanolin and squalan, which repair and hydrate the skin.

Since the skin around the eyes and lips is extra thin and sensitive, it's a good idea to complete your evening routine with the Eye Balm in Lip Balm† This gives your skin time to recover at night and you wake up with soft and nourished skin, which you still want to keep out of the sun.


Start with our bestselling Mini Set: a mini version of our Face, Eye & Lip Balm in one small box full of selfcare. 

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