Sara Rosalie Referral Program

It's good to know that you enjoy using our products so much that you want to tell other people about them. And for you, that means you can replenish your Sara Rosalie stock, now that you're joining us Referral Program.

(Haven't we approached you about our Referral Program, but you'd still like to participate? click here to send us an email.)

referral program

That is how it works

With your personal discount code of 20% you can introduce friends, family and followers to Sara Rosalie.
Every season we check how often your discount code has been used. Based on that, you can replenish your stock of Sara Rosalie products.

  • Is your personal code used twice? Then you can have a Lip Balm of Boob Balm choose.
  • Has your personal code been used 3x? Then you can have one Tinted Balm or a Mini Set choose.
  • Has your personal code been used 5x? Then choose one full size Face Care of Body Care product like a Face Balm of Body Balm.
  • Has your code been used more or less often? Then we count on to the next season.
Hand out your code verbally and/or share it via Instagram or another platform to achieve your goal. So you'll never be short of Sara Rosalie balms.

    In addition, you will be the first to know when we need testers for new products. 

    sara rosalie referral program

      Spread the word

      If you're not sure what to tell people about Sara Rosalie, beyond your own experience with our products, here are a few suggestions:

      1. All our products are Allergy Certified, which means that our balms are perfume-free and the risk of skin irritation is minimal. Great for your friends with sensitive skin, or people dealing with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or acne. †More about Allergy Certified).
      2. Everything we make is cruelty free, made from 100% natural ingredients and packaged and produced as sustainably as possible. †More about sustainability).
      3. Click here for an Instagram Guide where we introduce our balms and explain exactly why they work for your skin and how to use them.


      • People can use your discount code 1x with an order.
      • Your discount code can only be used by new customers who have not ordered from Sara Rosalie before.
      • The discount cannot be combined with other discounts. 
      • What we see in our system about the number of times your discount code has been used is leading.