Sustainable skin care brand Netherlands

As a brand, we believe it is important to bear our responsibility for people and the environment. That's why we work every day to be a sustainable skin care brand from the Netherlands. Below you will find how we approach sustainable production at each step of the process. 


When you order a product from us, we want every part of the packaging to have a destination. You are left with nothing. Unfortunately, we are not perfect, but we try to make the most sustainable choices possible in all aspects.

Handy for you: this recycling guide for cosmetics packaging.

Sustainable packaging

  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable
  • 70% of our packaging is made from recycled material
  • 100% of our packaging comes from Europe
  • 50% of our packaging is produced in the Netherlands
  • Our packaging supplier works climate neutral
  • Our sticker supplier plants back trees with part of the proceeds
  • All paper and cardboard has the FSC quality mark

Sustainable shipping of your products

If you order via our webshop, we naturally want to show that we have a sustainable skin care brand in the Netherlands to be. For example, your products in the shipping box (70% recycled and uncolored cardboard) are protected with 100% compostable and biodegradable protective material. We tailor-make the tissue paper in the package. This minimizes waste and you can reuse - for example for drying flowers† The sticker with which the tissue paper is sealed is also made of paper with the FSC quality mark. These are printed with soy-based ink, which makes it a lot more environmentally friendly. 

Also nice: the card we enclose is made of seed paper. Plant it in the soil and grow a beautiful summer bouquet. If you have your Sara Rosalie package delivered in one of the big thirty cities within the Netherlands, we will deliver with the green initiative† Outside of that, we deliver with DHL, a carrier with sustainable goals

duurzaam huidverzorgingsmerk Nederland


We use ingredients of natural origin that are Ecocert Approved. The balms we launched in 2019 are Allergy Certified† This quality mark guarantees that the products are safe for everyone, including pregnant women and babies, that the risk of irritation is kept to a minimum and that there is no risk of developing an allergy. 

1% for the planet

We bring products into the world with a responsibility to always consider the world we live in in what we do. One of the things that are therefore important to us is our partnership with 1% for the planet† Every year, one percent of Sara Rosalie's total revenue goes to a non-profit organization that is affiliated with 1% for the planet and does good work for our planet.

Sustainable skin care brand Netherlands

Our products are 100% cruelty free and we never test on animals. As a sustainable skin care brand in the Netherlands, we produce locally. Because the less transport the better. In this way we also remain involved in the quality and transparency of the production process. The finishing of the products, the sticking of the labels and the processing of the boxes around the jars is done in a sheltered workshop in the east of the Netherlands. 

We are proud that we have been able to make so many sustainable choices in our short existence and will continue to do so at every step in the process. 

I hope this gives you an idea of how we work and how we try to take responsibility as a skin care brand. Let me know how you see it via @sararosalie.