Zo kun je cosmetica miskopen voorkomen

This is how you can avoid bad buys

Feb 10, 2021Sara Rosalie

We believe in the natural functioning of the skin. It is an organ that repairs itself as its own ecosystem and that you can support with safe skincare. Less is more, because you don't really need much more than a good nourishing product and a mild cleanser. We give tips on how to avoid bad buys in cosmetics. 

Sometimes the forest can no longer be seen for the trees in cosmetics landscape. There are many beautiful, good and less good products to be found and it can be quite a task to find the product that works for your skin. We share here a few things to keep in mind before you buy a new product, to avoid bad cosmetic purchases.

Preventing bad buys from cosmetics

  1. Get to know your skin by discovering patterns in what it responds well and less well to. Not sure where to start? we get it. You can sign up for free for our Skin Improvement Plan in which you learn to better understand cosmetics and your own skin. Send us a mail of DM to register.
  2. Check with yourself whether you really need that new product or if you just want it because the packaging would look so nice in your bathroom (tempting sometimes, we know).
  3. Take the time to check the ingredient list and find out if a product is actually good for your skin. Need help? We made a label guide where we help you move forward.
  4. Do you know where the product is shipped from? Perhaps there is a store or webshop closer to home where you can pick up the same product. You save an unnecessarily far shipment and you support a local entrepreneur.
  5. Do you have questions or are you unsure about a product? You have customer service for this. Call, email or DM the brand you have in mind with your questions about the product.


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