De zomer is hier: zo houd je je balms in goede staat

Summer is here: this is how you keep your balms in good condition

Jun 18, 2021Lieve op den Buijsch

In our balms we only work with ingredients of natural origin. We do this because natural raw materials have beautiful qualities and are so complex that you can only approach them with a comparable synthetic variant, never equal them.

'Melting' & Crystals

By combining natural butters, waxes and oils with minimal preservation, we want to give your skin the best. But this combination can also ensure that the balms become much more liquid when heated than you are used to or that crystals are formed when there are differences in temperature.

These crystals, they resemble a grain of salt, do not affect the effect or quality of the balm. If you rub them warm between your fingertips, they will melt again. It only looks crazy to people who don't know what it is.

Shelf life tips

Fortunately, there are also things you can do to keep your balms in perfect condition. We give some tips:

  • Store your Sara Rosalie balms in a cool, dark place such as your bathroom cabinet. Or take an example @bycarolijn, the hair Eye Balm even keep in the fridge. Extra refreshing when you apply it in the morning.
  • Do not take your balms with you when you go to the beach in the summer. The Mini Set that you normally keep in your bag, it is better to leave it at home to prevent 'melting'.


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