Tinted Balms: Voor de meest Natural Makeup Look

Tinted Balms: For the Most Natural Makeup Look

Jun 22, 2021Lieve op den Buijsch

As a natural skin care brand for sensitive skin, we have created Tinted Balms that not only intensively care for your skin but also give you the most Natural Makeup Look. These Tinted Balms are vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, perfume-free and only made from ingredients of natural origin.

Natural Makeup Look

These Tinted Balms are there to embrace your natural beauty. They are beauty products that do not hide the skin but make it shine, that do not damage the skin but nourish it.

this vegan Tinted Balms are available in three beautiful, multifunctional shades specially made for sensitive skin - with the intense care properties you have come to expect from Sara Rosalie.

  • Terrestrial has the perfect pearlescent glow to accentuate your natural beauty.
  • Land gives you that soft, romantic blush that leaves your skin looking radiant and vibrant.
  • Sun is a rich, earthy tone that ruts and deeply nourishes the skin.

    Vegan Make Up

    All Tinted Balms are vegan, cruelty-free, perfume-free and made from ingredients of natural origin. They are too Allergy Certified, which means that the risk of skin irritation is minimized. This vegan make-up is very suitable for daily use and is full of nourishing ingredients. Would you like to know more about the effect and ingredients?

    Look at Tinted Balm Maan
    Look at Tinted Balm Terra
    Look at Tinted Balm Sol


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