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Lanolin, magic stuff

Sara Rosalie uses Medical Grade lanolin: purified and allergen-free, so it is safe to use by everyone and for every skin type.

Of the sheep

In addition to cute lambs, sheep produce another beautiful thing: lanolin. This wax, also called wool grease, is a natural protective layer in the wool of the sheep. Just like our hair, the coat grows continuously and the sheep has to be shaved once in a while. After shaving the wool is washed. Lanolin is a completely natural and animal-friendly by-product of this process.

For your skin

Why is lanolin good for your skin? Because it has the same molecular structure as our own sebum and is therefore well absorbed. Furthermore, it can retain up to two hundred percent of its own weight in moisture. In other words: super hydrating. It is a natural protective, nourishing and repairing ingredient in our skin care.

Animal friendly

To be on the safe side: lanolin is an animal product, but absolutely animal-friendly and not tested on animals. All our ingredients or products are cruelty-free. Very important to Sara Rosalie.