Lanolin, some sort of magic potion

Apart from cute lambs, sheep produce another wonderful thing: lanolin. This wax, also called wool fat, is a natural layer of protection in sheep's wool. As human hair, the fleece continues growing and needs to be sheared to keep sheep healthy and happy. After shearing, the wool is washed. Lanolin is an all natural and animal-friendly byproduct of this process. 

Lanolin is a kind of magic potion for your skin, because it has a similar molecular structure as our own skin oils. Another great quality of lanolin, is that it can hold up to 200% of its own weight in moisture. In other words: mega hydrating. It's a natural protective, moisturizing and restorative component in skin care. 

Using lanolin can be compared to using bees wax, eating honey or drinking milk. It's an animal derived product, but doesn't harm any and is definitely not tested on animals. This is really important to Sara Rosalie. 

NB. Sara Rosalie uses Medical Grade lanolin: purified and without allergens, so safe to use by everybody.