How can you prevent an allergic skin reaction? By knowing which ingredients to avoid, but also by opting for facial care with it Allergy Certified-quality mark.

Prevent allergic skin reaction

Did you know that more than a quarter of European adults are allergic to one or more ingredients? You are not born with that, allergies are built up because you are exposed several times to an allergen: an ingredient that can cause an allergy. Fortunately, you can prevent an allergic skin reaction by avoiding products that contain allergens or using products that are Allergy Certified. The criteria for these allergens have been determined by a toxicologist. She checks all ingredients and the concentrations of each individual product to ensure they are as skin-friendly as possible.

allergische reactie huid

Allergy Certified facial care

Our Allergy Certified facial care is carefully toxicologically tested before it is certified Allergy Certified may wear. This is a long procedure in which every ingredient in the product is checked for the risk of an allergic reaction from use. Ingredients that pose a risk are rejected and must not be used. You can therefore assume that the products that carry the Allergy Certified quality mark:

  • prevent an allergic skin reaction
  • pose a minimal to no risk of developing an allergy,
  • give a minimal risk of skin irritation
  • and are safe for sensitive skin,
  • the skin of a pregnant woman and even the baby's skin. 

Are natural or organic cosmetics always safe?

Natural, organic or vegan products are a good idea when it comes to food. This works differently with cosmetics, it does not guarantee that the products are skin-friendly and that an allergic reaction on your skin will be prevented. At least 19 of the 26 most allergenic perfumes can be natural. So if you choose organic or natural cosmetics, make sure they don't contain perfume. This also applies (or precisely) to baby care products.

You can find more information about Allergy Certified here.  

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