There are a thousand ways to save the planet from environmental damage. I believe even the details matter. That is why we make the best choices when developing our products. By sharing those with you, I hope you can make these choices too.

It may sound strange: but one of the main reasons why we started Sara Rosalie is that there are so many products of so many brands. An average beauty brand might have around 40 products. Do the math. While working in media, all those products and innovations came across and the more I saw, the more I thought 'why?'. It's confusing, what is best for my skin and when should I use what and in what order? 

I wanted to create products that are easy to use, multi-functional, for every skin type and with a sustainable view on the skin. Just the basics, minimalistic and against all existing ideas of big marketing empowered companies.

When thinking about packaging we had a couple of choices to make. Plastics or glass? Both plastic and glass have pro's and con's when looking at the environmental friendliness. Glass can be recycled but is heavy in transport. Since we sell from a webshop and therefore we send a lot of packages, I wanted to reduce the transport emission. That is why we choose 100% recyclable plastic packaging and recycled paper boxes. Both FSC quality. 

I believe the less transport, the better. That is why we produce locally, here in The Netherlands. This also gives us a chance to control whether production happens under our ethical standards: fair payment for the people, fair ingredients, fair and qualitative production.

small stock
We produce in small batches. This way we can always deliver the best quality to our customers and never over produce. 

We work with Ecocert-approved ingredients from Europe. 

I hope this gives you an idea of how we work and how we try to take responsibility as a small skin care brand. Let me know what you think!