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Four new products are in town

Yes, finally they're here. After all the positive feedback on the Daily Moisturizer and Lip Balm, Sara Rosalie added four (!) new products to the collection. 

Two-in-one Balm / cleansing & moisturizing
This balm based on lanolin and coconut oil is here to cleanse your face and leave it super soft. If you're in need of extra moisturizing, you can also use this two-in-one balm as an overnight moisturizer on a clean face. Two options, both good ideas. You get the name now, don't you. 

Makeup Remover / also a milky cleanser
It took just three all natural ingredients to develop this makeup remover: sucragel, lanolin and jojoba oil. It'll do the job when it comes to eye- and lip makeup, but can also be used as a milky cleanser for your face. You're welcome ;). 

Sara Rosalie products

Exfoliating Mask
/ helps you out

Sometimes you have to help your skin a little. Use this mask twice a week to renew the upper layer of the skin by letting the white clay do it's job. The lanolin combined with natural oils will leave your skin hydrated and soft. Finish with the Daily Moisturizer for baby soft skin.

Face Mist / like a walk on the beach
This face mist is a real nice addition to your collection. Sea salt, cactus elixir and panthenol with a cucumber fresh smell will take you to the (imaginary) beach. Hydrates, refreshes and fixes your makeup. You'll need this all day, everyday.