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What is lanolin?
Lanolin, or wool fat, is an animal-friendly, all natural product. After the shearing process, the wool is washed, which leaves you with lanolin as a useful byproduct.

What does lanolin do for my skin?
It has a similar molecular structure as our own skin oils, which makes your skin adopt the lanolin very easy. Another great quality of lanolin, is that it can hold up to 200% of its own weight in moisture. In other words: mega hydrating.

Is the Lip Balm 100% natural?
Yes, it is and it consists of 76% lanolin.

Is the Daily Moisturizer 100% natural?
The Daily Moisturizer is 94% natural. The 6% synthetics is the stabilizer for the sun protection (which is natural). The stabilizer makes sure the SPF15 will keep doing it's job. Natural ingredients are not always stabile, because it's nature. I believe that protecting your skin is more important than a 100% natural product.

The Daily Moisturizer leaves a thin layer on my skin for the first couple of minutes
Sometimes that happens, it depends on your skin type. It's most probably the lanolin which leaves a thin layer on your skin. This will disappear after a couple of minutes. It's the protection system of the lanolin: the thin layer absorbs moist (like sweat) from your skin and re-uses it to hydrate. Don't worry, it's the lanolin doing it's job.

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