How to properly store your beauty products during summer

Zo bewaar je jouw beautyproducten in de zomer

Most of us know the importance of storing your beauty products in a cool and dry place. But when temperatures start to rise, outdoors as well as indoors, it can be quite challenging to keep your products cool. Direct sunlight, humidity, and heat affect your beauty products' shelf life, giving fungi and bacteria the chance to multiply even faster. This raises the question of how to store your beauty products correctly.


When temperatures rise above 21 degrees it can have a significant impact on the texture and efficacy of your makeup products. It is best to store your beauty products in drawers, preferably outside your bathroom. The humidity and heat can lead to mold and bacteria development within your products, sponges, and brushes as well. When temperatures start to rise liquid makeup such as foundation, lipstick, mascara, and bb cream is best kept in the refrigerator. Also, your favorite face mist and nail polish will last longer if you keep them in the fridge. Make sure not to store your products at a low temperature, since temperatures below zero have a negative impact on your products.

Skincare products

If your skincare products contain active ingredients such as antioxidants, it is best to store them in the refrigerator. An additional advantage of storing your skincare product in the fridge is the wonderful cooling sensation on your skin. Also, make sure to replace your sunscreen every year, since SPF products are extremely sensitive to temperature and sunlight. In fact, the high temperatures during summer affect the effectiveness of sunscreens.

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