Morning routine for a fresh, healthy summer glow

Ochtendroutine voor een frisse, gezonde summer glow

Good sun protection, not too much effort and a fresh, healthy summer glow† That's what we want for our skin this summer. Good news: you can now find all the ingredients for that recipe in our webshop, including our favorites from Squalan.

We believe in the natural functioning of the skin that you can support with a small selection of safe, allergen-free products. Because there are other brands - such as Squalan - that have such good products that we don't have to develop an alternative for them, Sara Rosalie now also offers our favorite Squalan products.

Here's the morning routine for a fresh, healthy summer glow with our favorite Allergy Certified skincare essentials.

1. Cleanse

Not only in the evening but also in the morning it is important to clean your skin. Your pillowcase can hold a lot of dirt that your skin comes into contact with for several hours a night. So start the morning with the mild, allergen-free Cleansing Gel from Squalan.

2. Moisturize

Apply to cleansed skin  de Moisturizing Facial Oil from Squalan to. For extra hydration, it is also an option to add a very small amount Face Balm to be combined with your daily moisturiser.

3. SPF

Bring the SUN30 for extra protection against the sun, ideal for people with very light skin. SUN15 spreads - due to the lower factor - slightly easier and can therefore also be used as an SPF and moisturizer in one.

4. Fresh glow

Apply a little with clean fingertips Tinted Balm Maan on the cheekbones, browbones and bridge of the nose. Land gives you a beautiful, natural blush and is also ideal for the lips. Sun gives you that bronze, summery shine which completes the perfect glow. Bring the Tinted Balms wherever you want and how much you want, because all shades are buildable.


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