Organicup, the brand behind the famous menstrual cup is now called AllMatters

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When even the HEMA has a menstrual cup in its range, you know it's serious business. But surely we know the original menstrual cup from Organicup. This well-known Scandinavian brand has recently been called AllMatters. At Sara Rosalie we add the Hand Wash and Body Wash from the former Organicup to the assortment.

New products

It was quite a search again, to find a mild yet good cleansing product for the body and hands. At Sara Rosalie, we only select products and brands that meet our quality requirements: 100% natural, hypoallergenic and sustainably produced. We love that we can now offer AllMatters' Hand Wash and Body Wash to you.

Organicup grows to become AllMatters brand

Organicup has moved to a new brand name as it has recently started offering other products. They do so under the AllMatters banner. Doesn't otherwise change the company's fine principles. For example, did you know that the Hand Wash and Body Wash are refillable? So you save as many as 12 disposable bottles a year. Go Organicup, eeh, AllMatters.

Why we're fans of the Hand Wash and Body Wash from AllMatters

  1. We mentioned it, but the fact that the bottles are refillable is a big plus
  2. Both products are Allergy Certified and therefore hypoallergenic
  3. The products are fragrance-free, especially if you are sensitive, which is very nice
  4. During our own testing we were unanimous: very gentle formulas

Starter pack of Hand & Body Wash AllMatters (Organicup)

With the starter pack of the AllMatters Hand or Body Wash, you buy a one-time bottle along with three refillable pouches. Just add the contents of the pouch to the vial, fill with water and wash away!

Sara about these products

"Now I'm quite sensitive by nature, but one of my biggest annoyances is that when you've washed your hands in a public restroom, your hands have such a strong perfume smell that is not pleasant. That's why I'm very glad we found this Hand Wash and Body Wash. Hand washing remains, but it doesn't dry out my skin. Same goes for the Body Wash. A fine addition to the shower ritual. Great for kids, too, by the way!"

Want to know more about AllMatters (Organicup) and their powder-to-foam method? Read more here.

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