This is why our balms are 100% anhydrous

Geen water in skincare gevoelige huid

Our balms are super suitable for even the most sensitive skin. To create such a nourishing product, Sara has carefully collected all the active ingredients that form the basis of our intensely nourishing balms. All of our balms are 100% water-free, meaning you won't find water on the ingredient list and you don't need water to use our products. Let's explain why that's so important to us.

The function of water in creams

Water is the base in many creams. It is supplemented with fat and other active ingredients. Whenever you apply day cream to your face, you will notice how easy and smooth it goes on. But because water evaporates, only a few ingredients actually remain on your skin.

Why our balms support your skin

Balms, on the other hand, are made from natural fats, waxes and oils. These ingredients are fused and cured as a whole. This process makes our balms anhydrous and gives them their full, rich substance. When you apply the balm to your face, it stays on your skin longer. This will help your skin absorb all the nourishing ingredients in the balm. These nourishing ingredients are beneficial for restoring the moisture balance of the skin. In addition, they give the skin's natural recovery process a helping hand.

So not only are our balms packed with nutrition, the ingredients in them make it easier for the skin to absorb all the goodness. Since the balms are water-free, they are suitable for even the driest skin.

The global water problem

The global water problem is important to us and is one of the reasons why we don't use water - often water is also used as a cheap "filler" in cosmetics - in our skin care products.⁠⁠

The average person in the western world consumes 140 liters of water every day, but that doesn't mean the world has an endless water source, or that people don't have to deal with water scarcity in other parts of the planet on a daily basis.

That's why we're so proud to partner with @onepercentftp, meaning 1% of every purchase you make on nasty @charity.water goes to help provide clean water to places where it is needed most.

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