The best basic skincare routine for a healthy skin

De beste basis skincare routine voor een gezonde huid

At Sara Rosalie we truly believe less is more. Not only when it comes to the ingredients in our products, but also when it comes down to an efficient skincare routine. Building a skincare regimen that suits your skin type can help to keep your skin healthy and glowing. In this guide you will find out the importance of a skincare routine and discover how to apply your products in the right order.

Why is a routine so important?

The skin is one of the largest organs of the body, that’s why it’s essential to take good care of our skin. By creating the perfect skincare routine, your skin is able to maintain itself in a better way, plus it will keep it healthy for a longer period. Different skin types ask for a different approach, but there are three simple steps regardless of your skin type.


The first step in your daily routine is cleaning your skin. Cleanse your skin every morning and evening. By cleaning the skin you remove all dirt, make-up and excess sebum. Use a cleanser that is effective, without drying out the skin. The AiiA Cleansing Gel is a cleansing gel which removes all dirt, but does not burden the natural skin barrier. It consists of 100% natural and hypoallergen ingredients and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Looking for an even more mild cleanser? Check out the oil-to-milk cleansing gel by Squalan.


Next up is moisturizing the skin. Use a nourishing day or night cream with active ingredients to intensely nourish your skin. Our Face Balm is made out of 100% natural ingredients, which makes it suitable for every skin type. It strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin, while at the same time protects, soothes and softens it. The skin around the eyes is extra sensitive. Always make sure to use a special eye cream which protects and nourishes the vulnerable skin.


During the day, at all times use a cream with at least SPF 30. This can be a day cream with SPF or sunscreen. Preferably apply sunscreen under your makeup, but on top of your moisturizer. The Derma Face Sun Lotion is a sun lotion specially developed for your face with SPF 50. The lotion is free of perfume, parabens and dyes and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

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